How does iPower Reminder device work?
iPower Reminder is based on digital 2.4GHz RF (radio frequency) technology. Both Base unit and Tag units have been paired to each other in factory. The iPower Reminder is the most effective loss prevention solution for your iPhone 4/4S. It is an “electronic leash” that notifies you with an audible alarm whenever your iPhone leaves your vicinity (Out-of-Range) or whenever you leave your iPhone behind . The Reminder also assists you in locating your misplaced iPhone within a 100’ radius (FindMe function).  This product comes in two parts; the “iPower” attaches to your iPhone and also serves as a battery backup for your iPhone; the “Reminder” unit is kept with you to remind you to pick up your iPhone or to help you locate a misplaced iPhone.

How does the search function work?
You can search for a misplaced iPower using the Reminder, but only if the iPower is within a 100’ radius - conversely, you can also search for your Reminder with the iPower. On the Reminder, press the FindMe button and release as soon as the LED turns orange - if the iPower is within 100’, the iPower will begin to beep, allowing you to locate it by following the audible.  Press the FindMe button again on the Reminder to suppress the iPower beep. Conversely, you can locate the Reminder with the iPower by using the FindMe button on the iPower - the only difference is that when you press the button, keep it depressed until you hear the Reminder beeping (Reminder must be within 100’).

How many items can I protect with my iPower Reminder personal security device?
iPower Reminder only works with one tag.

What will happen if Base unit and Tag unit are out of the valid range for a long time?
When both units are out of the valid range, the signal will be disconnected. For the first time the Base unit is disconnected to Tag unit, it alarms every second and Tag unit’s LED flashes. After disconnected for 30 seconds, Base unit alarms every 2 minutes for power saving.

Is iPower Reminder certificated by international standard?
Yes. CE and FCC certification have approved Pet Tracker.

What range does iPower Reminder have?
The maximum search range is 300 feet or 100 meters.
iPower Reminder is designed to react to the environment that it is in, based on the perceived risk. For example, if you are in a room full of many people or obstructions and cannot directly see your tagged item, then iPower Reminder security zone will be tighter than if there were no people or obstructions in the same room. 

How loud is the iPower Reminder audio alarm?
The base unit and Tag unit are 90db. (When the battery runs low, the loudness is reduced.)

What if other people use the iPower Reminder around me?
Each pair of Base and Tag has a unique code and at the same place the same time it allows 65,535 codes. Other Base units will not track your Tag unit.

What type of batteries is used?
Base unit uses CR2032 x 1, the iReminder Battery Pack contains a 1,900 mAh Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery.

How long will the batteries last?
Under Standby mode, when the device is turned on for 8 hours per day, the Base unit’s battery lifetime is 50 days, Tag unit's battery is 300 hours.

What’s the situation that I turn on the Base and Tag unit and both of them alarm?
When the Base and Tag units are turned ON, it takes 8 to 15 seconds for the synchronization.

Will Base unit find the Tag unit through obstacles like walls or trees?
Yes, nevertheless the maximum valid distance will be reduced.

Can I use the iPower Reminder in other countries?
Yes. Personal security device works on 2.4GHz ISM frequency band, which is available all over the world.

Is Tag unit water resistance?
Sorry, it doesn’t support water resistance.

How do I know when to replace batteries?
There is a low battery alarm on the Base unit, a single beep sound every 2 minutes. Checking iPower battery status - Press the Battery Status Button (i.e. FindMe) once and the iPower will flash 1 to 4 of the LEDs, depending on remaining battery power.  If it flashes all 4 LEDs, the iPower battery is mostly charged (80-100%) - if it flashes only 1 LED, it is only 0-20% charged.

Doesn’t work (search or alert function)?
Step 1: Check the battery
a. Power ON both the Base and Tag units, the LED should flash both Base and Tag unit. If not, please change the battery and test again.
b. If there is no LED flash after replaces the battery, please call for the maintenance.

Step 2: Checking if the connecting of base and tag unit
Both units will establish a link and blink synchronously, if not, please contact the agent or dealer for maintenance if the problem is still persisted.

Does the iPower Reminder 608i power pack charge the iPhone 4s?
The iPower Reminder 608i power pack is compatible with the iPhone 4s, as well as iPhone 4.

How does iPower Reminder 608i for iPhone 4/4S work?
You can use iPower Reminder 608i to charge your iPhone 4/4s. When powering iPhone 4/4s, iPower Reminder 608i will bypass the iPhone battery to power a connected iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, thus extending the overall life of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s battery. The iPower Reminder 608i battery will not charge iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s unless connected to an external power source.

iPower Reminder 608i is charged in two ways: by connecting to a USB power adapter, or to a USB port on a computer. The included USB cable is used to charge the device. If you are using an iPhone 4/4s-compliant USB power adapter, you also may charge your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s at the same time by inserting the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s in the battery case while connected to an external power source.

What are the benefits of switching the iPower Reminder 608i to stand-by mode while attached to the iPhone?
Using the stand-by switch will give you even more total battery life, as the iPhone uses additional power to be on a constant charge.

What are the best methods for charging your iPower Reminder 608i?
Connect the iPower Reminder 608i to a power source using the USB cable that came with your iPower Reminder 608i. The USB cable can be plugged in to your computer or any "works with iPhone" wall-plug-style power source with USB out. You can either charge the iPower Reminder 608i with the iPhone inserted or charge them separately.

How many charge cycles do you get in the iPower Reminder 608i for iPhone?
The iPower Reminder 608i is rechargeable for over 500 cycles. (That's full cycles; partial cycles don't count as full. So, you can charge your iPower Reminder 608i 10% of the way 10 times before it counts as a complete cycle.) Don't be afraid to top it off! It's only after 500 full cycles that its fully charged capacity will be less than 75% of the capacity when it's new.

Does the iPower Reminder 608i interfere with antenna reception?
Not a chance.

Will I always receive double the battery life with my iPower Reminder 608i?
We cannot guarantee that you will receive double the battery life. The amount of additional battery you will receive depends on a variety of factors, which are different for every user.

How long does it take to charge myPower for iPhone 4?
An empty iPower Reminder 608i will charge in about 3 hours using an iPhone 4/4s-compliant power adapter. Both empty batteries can be charged in about 6 hours.

Can I sync my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S without removing it from iPower Reminder 608i?
Yes, you can sync your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s while in the battery case using the included micro USB cable.

How will I know how much power is left in the battery?
When your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s is docked into the battery case, the battery level indicator on the bottom of iPower Reminder 608i will indicate the remaining capacity of the external battery.

How long is the iPower Reminder 608i warranty?
iPower Reminder 608i comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Why my power pack isn't charging?
If both the iPhone battery and the iPower Reminder 608i power pack battery are dead or very low, they may not charge simultaneously if the iPhone is inserted in the iPower Reminder 608i. iPhone battery will be prior to be charged. Only when iPhone battery finished charge. Power pack can be charged.