Q1. How does a BLE Tag Work?
Ardi’s BLE Smart Tag can work with Ardi’s iOS/Android App. The App communicates with one or more Bluetooth 4.0 tags for losing prevention or electronic leashing. Apply each tag to valuables or love one. When your Smart Device and BLE Tag’s separation is over security zone. Both of your iOS/Android device and tag will alert you and you can take action to protect your thing.

Q2. I am having trouble adding my Tag, how do I fix it?
Please follow the steps for checking.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth connection on your smart device.

  2. Turn on the iStuffFinder App and tap the “Search” icon on the top right corner to sync your Tag.

  3. Switch on the Tag (Once switched ”ON”, the tag will automatically enter ”pairing mode” and the LED will flash GREEN once every second, you will then have 30 seconds to complete pairing). Make sure the Tag  you wish to be synced is next to your smart device. Wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. The App will let you know when the new Tag  is detected. Please tap the “Search” icon again if  it doesn’t detect the tag.

  4. If you are still not able to add a tag you may be running into issues with the smart devices itself.  Restart the smart device and try again. You can restart the phone by holding the power button for approximately 5 seconds until the “Slide to Power Off” slider appears.

Q3. What types of bluetooth device can be supported by Ardi BLE Tag App (iStuffFinder or HiProx Multi)?
iStuffFinder App (the older iOs version was HiProxMulti) can run on iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0.
iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5c/5s, New iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch 5, iPad Air, etc.). Requires iOS 6.1.3 or later. Due to variance in Android models, we are receiving different feedbacks from customers regarding software stability against each model. After careful testing, the following Android devices have been confirmed to compatible with current Android App are: Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, and Note 2, LG Nexus 4 and 7, HTC Butterfly S and New HTC One with version 4.3 or later (this list will be updated once available)

Q4. Can I connect to more than one BLE Tag at a time?
Yes. iStuffFinder App can connection up to 4 BLE tags on your iOS App.
For Android devices, only two BLE Tag are recommended (because some models are not as stable as other models)

Q5. What is the working range?
The range is approximately 164 feet or 50 meters in the open area.
Ranges can vary dramatically based on environmental factors.
(In the noise environment, i.e. WiFi activities /2.4GHz active devices or physical barriers)

Q6. What are the ranges of the alert range?
Operational alert range is about 6~50 feet or 2~15m depending on the environment.
Ardi’s BLE Tag has been designed to react to the environment that it is in, based on the perceived risk. For example, if you are in a room full of many people or obstructions and cannot directly see your tagged item, then Ardi’s BLE Tag security zone will be tighter than if there were no people or obstructions in the same room. The ranges are therefore only guidelines and can also vary between handsets.

Q7. How’s the battery life in each Tag last?
The battery life is up to six months, but it depends on the tag alarm frequency and each battery factory quality. When the battery gets low, the battery low indicator will remind you. Please replace the battery CR2016 to your devices. When you see a low battery notification, replace the battery immediately to avoid loss of function.

Q8. Can I use other Bluetooth devices on my mobile while using Ardi’s BLE device, such as my headset?
Yes. Ardi’s BLE device won’t interfere with other Bluetooth devices.

Q9. How can I find my iOS/Android device?
Press and Release BLE tag 'FindMe' button will generate ”FindMe Request” from that Device.
Your iOS/Android device will issue alert sound continuously. Press and Release Device FindMe button to stop this request.

Q10. How do I change a range alarm?
For iOS device:
To select the distance at which your iOS device and Wallet Reminder are out of range tap the icon to the right of each paired device list. On tapping it, the images to the left will appear.
Green Far / low sensitivity, Red Near / High sensitivity, Grey / Off or no sensitivity.
For Android device:
To select the distance at which your Android device and Wallet Reminder are out of range tap the icon to the right of each paired device list. On tapping it, the images below  will appear.
- Far / Low sensitivity, - Near / High sensitivity,  - No proximity / Off should your Android device and tagged item become separated, or out of range your Android device will not set off the alarm.

Q11. Will iStuffFinder App run in the background on my iOS/Android device?
Yes, iStuffFinder App will run in the background.
For iOS: If the FindMe function doesn’t work in background mode, please follow the steps to do the setting, or see the Troubleshooting video to solve this problem.
Go to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing > iStuffFinder or HiProx Multi > Switch to ON.

Q12. I can't connect to my BLE tag. What is the reason for this?
There are several reasons why your BLE tag is not connected. Please try the following:
If you try to discover a device or once the battery had been removed, but cannot find it, this usually indicates that there is a existing bond information. Locate and remove existing bond information from your iOS device and from Bluetooth Setting to "Forget device". You may need to shutdown iOS device to clean holding information completely.

a. You can remove device permanently by tapping the red REMOVE button from the Device Setting Menu Screen (Figure 1). The message ”Are you sure you want to delete the paired tag?” will appear.
b. To delete this device select YES. The screen will revert back to the main Device Setting Menu at which point you will be prompted by the red DELETE button (Figure 2). By tapping DELETE you will be informed ”This tag has been removed from paired device list”. Please go to Bluetooth setting on your iOS device to forget this tag” (Figure 3).
c. To complete the deletion. Please go to your iOS Device Settings menu and select ”Bluetooth”. Select the name of the device you want to remove and choose ”Forget this device”.
d. Remove battery from device and re-install to re-start pairing process.

Remove Tag

Q13. What's the best way to change a security zone?
Make sure that you're standing in close proximity to your tagged item when changing security zone to be certain the two devices are able to communicate. This should especially be done when changing the security zone from a low risk to a higher risk setting. Always make sure that you wait for the BLE to beep (and flash) to confirm that the new security zone has been set. This is particularly important when changing the security zone from high risk to low risk, as if the zone has not been properly set then BLE Tag will alarm.

Q14. Does my mobile device need to have the Bluetooth enabled for the BLE tag to function?
The BLE tag always requires that Bluetooth is enabled on your BLE device. It uses Bluetooth communication to link to your BLE device.

Q15. Will the range at which the BLE Tag functions change depending on the environment?
It will vary depending on the amount of objects, both moving and static that is in the environment. This is because objects absorb some of the Bluetooth signal as it passes through them.

Q16. If I buy multiple BLE Tags and place them onto various objects, how do I know which one is which?
Each BLE Tag come with a code number that make it unique, and you can name each Tag on your APP.