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The BTP1, Bluetooth Touch Panel Smart Mortise Door Lock, is a stainless steel mechanism with Bluetooth Smart App and Keyless Touch Panel; easy to use RFID card. Or optional BLE KeyFob (Bluetooth smart remote control, cannot be duplicate with any RFID reader. It need to be paired with BTP1) provide a secure and convenience with elegant way to open your home and office main entrance door. It is special designed for heavy duty and high frequency usage and smart phone control convenience.

BTP1 and your smartphone can provide higher security and efficiency for your digital life. The BTP1 and the powerful free stand-alone EZSmart App can issue and revoke up to 40 virtual keys to new users and review the access log to know who comes.

Or ezSmartCloud App use cloud base service for smart lock application, the ezSmartCloud App has unlimited virtual key to share and manage by cloud server for instant access through your smart phone.


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EZSmart Demo Video - iOS



EZSmart Demo Video - Android