You can easily upgrade your existing "Fail-Safe / Fail-Secure / Electric Lock"  to work with your smartphone for higher security and efficiency. The SB22A and the powerful EZSmart App can issue and revoke up to 40 virtual keys to new users and review the access log to know who comes. The SB22A does support Key Fob (remote control) for office manager to unlock the entrance door when visitor ring the doorbell within 20 meters working distance. 

The SB22A is not only let you to unlock your Electric lock by conventional Electric lock method; it also provides free advanced mobile App for secure App Unlock and sharing key and monitoring door activities log functions or simply using the Key Fob (optional item). The EZSmart App allows you to grant or revoke access to a third party’s smartphone by secure QR Code or email. This virtual ekey cannot be duplicated or transferred to other devices. With GPS function and correctly calibrating the EZSmart App, the App can identify indoor and outdoor areas. This will prevent accidentally unlock from "Near-Field unlock function". 


SB22A Controller Specification:


Effective Distance: 10 - 20 meters

Voltage: +5VDC - +18VDC

Current: Standby 4 mA; Working Current: 1A

App Support: iOS (10.3 +) and Android (5.0 - 8.1+)

Compatible Devices: the current iPhone / iPads models 

Popular Android Devices with OS 5.0+

Dimensions: 38 X 26 X 11 mm

Weight: 9 g 

Connection Pins: +VDC / Ground / Output / Input

Key Fob Specification (Option item):

Connectivity: 4.2, Require Paring with SB22A

Effective Distance: 20 meters

Voltage: +3VDC 

Battery Type: CR2032 X 1

Battery Life: 9 - 12 Months

Energy Saving Mode: Normal in deep sleep, press to wake up

Current: Active 20 mA, Sleep 2 uA 

Dimensions: 62 X 36 X 11 mm       Weight: 9 g 

注意:  Key Fob 與智能手機具有相同的安全要求。它需要在 BAC19 前面配對。每個遙控鑰匙只能控制一個 SB22A 控制器和最遠 20 米的遠程訪問範圍。如果不與 SB22A 配對,則無法複製此鑰匙扣。Owners App 可以完全控制所有 eKey 活動。與 RF ID eKey 不同,任何 RF ID 閱讀器都可以讀取並複制其 eKey 代碼。換句話說,出於安全考慮,Key Fob 將是更好、更安全的選擇。

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