227PA 900x927


Tracking multiple pets has never been easier

Would you like to know where your cat or dog has wandered off to especially when they are not home? With the Pet Tracker
227PA you can track up to 4 pets with a tracking radius of up to 500 meters with a tiny tag weight of only 4.2 grams. A single
base unit is capable of tracking up to 4 tags.

All New RF Technology - Works indoors and outdoors with a 500 meters direct line of sight tracking
Smart Distance & Direction Indicators - Let the Pet Tracker guide you to your lost pet(s)
Small Tag Size - A just 4.2 grams, the smallest pets can be tracked
Sleep Mode - When the Pet Tracker tags are within proximity, it goes to sleep mode to prolong battery life
Water Splash Resistant Case - Pet likes to play in the rain? A silicone splash case is provided
RF Interference Prevention - Special Data Encryption (SDE) to prevent from interfering wireless networks


Key Features

• Helps you track down up to 4 pets should they go missing
• Directional tracking LED indicator to guide you to the right direction
• Uses safe 2.4 GHz RF technology, will not interfere other wireless devices
• Water splash ressistant case for outdoor activites
• Smart sleep mode for longer battery life of up to two months
• Easily attaches to most collars including a velcro strap for larger collars
• Special Data Encryption so you won’t detect other pets
• Rhythm Buzzer- the closer you are to your pet, the faster the rhythm is
• Track by sound, tag beeps to help you zero in their hidden location
• Easy installation, insert battery, turn on, and you are good to go
• Multi application, can be used on pets, keys, bags, and even the kids                                 

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227PA 6


227PA spec 500m

Package Contents
• Base unit x 1 set
• Tag unit x 1 set
• Batteries AAA x 2 sets, CR2032 x 1 set
• Velcro strap x 1 set
• Hook x 1 set
• Silicon Sleeve x 1 set
• User manual x 1 set


Ardi Pet Tracker 227PA Installation Video