• ADLock Keypad / Touch Panel FAQ:

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  • Hardware Installation FAQs

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    "BXL16XX model"

  • What is the benefit for 7-digits Keypad passcode?

    BKL16(T) comes with five sets of "7 digits keypad passcode", which does not have expiration dates and no smartphone required to unlock the door for you. During EZSmart lock registration, lock device will generate these Unique-IDs for each lock. These passcodes can be changed by Keypad with special procedure and App will retrieve New Passcodes when "Connection" has been established and under "Keypad Code Page".

    7 digits Unlock passcode

  • EZSmart App FAQs

  • How does "Button-Press" unlock work?

    BKL16 Lock has "Button-Press" unlock function (within one meter / 3 feet range) : The App must run in the background or foreground and connected with EZSmart Locks. Because of environment conditions various (metal / water tank / 2.4 GHz noise conditions…), App provides signal sensitivities level adjustable slider for you change to desirable range to meet your requirement.

    (Import Note: Smart device will try to save the battery life and turn-off Wi-Fi onnection as soon as it can. You can wake up the smart device by bring the screen up or/and touch “symbol”, it will speed up the connecting activity.)

  • What is the benefit of use “Near Field / Touch Unlock”? How does it work?


    Near Field Unlock/ Touch Unlock can be extremely convenient when you carry thing and cannot bring up your App at time.

    When you approach the door from outside, the App (running in the background, only allow by the OS and power saving mode from your smartphone’s configuration) will detect the EZSmart device and wake up function and try to connect with device. When smartphone and EZSmart has Bh connection. It should unlock / lock for you within 3 – 10 seconds.

    If Near Field Unlock is enable, you can unlock the door within 2 inches / 3-5 cm.

    If Touch Unlock is enable, you can unlock the door by using “*Tow Fingers Touch” to unlock the door. (Note: Touch Keyway and Key external house at the same time).

    If link has been established, you will see Blue Flashing LED during the touch.

    Both functions require the “App is running in the background” and connection has been established. Smartphone will provide authentication code to the EZSmart Device. In order to conserve the smartphone battery life, smartphone's OS will turn off WiFi and after each usage. EZSmart App can detect the EZSmart device and try to wake the function and connect to your smartphone. This is may take up 3-10 seconds.

    TIP: You can disable these functions from the App Setting option switches.

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  • Why “Touch Unlock” or “Near Field” function are not available for "Family" and "Guest" member?

    Because connection has one to one relationship, It means the only one smartphone can connect to one Smart Lock. connection is decided by OS (iOS devices have better connection than Android devices) and each smartphone hardware signal strength. The App can not over rule OS and hardware performance.

    In order to reduce the disconnect and reconnect issues, owner has advanced background mode features: Near-field / Touch unlock. Family and Guest only allow use the App unlock.

  • All EZSmart Lock, (except RIM lock), has 30 seconds default Auto Lock Timer. Can I change to off or other timer?

    Yes. BKL16 can use these steps to adjust "Auto-Lock Timer".

    Auto Lock Timer setting option 1 (In-App direct command method):

    Form App Lock Setting page and Auto Lock filed. You can use “- / +” decrement and increment command to update timer value “0 – Off” to “99 seconds” (This option is available from iOS App now, we will implement in next Android App release.)

    Auto Lock Timer setting option 2 (Hardware Method): Use Lock's keypad setting sequences to set Auto Lock Timer Procedure: (Note: Auto Lock preset timer is 30 seconds.)


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