• ADLock BRL28, RIM Electric lock FAQ:

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  • Hardware Installation FAQs

    Demo Videos links:

    "BRL280-B model"

    "BRL280-K model"

    "BRL280-T model"

  • What is door thickness range for ADLock BRL28-B / BLR28-K / BL28-T RIM lock hardware?

    The Applicable door thickness: 1 3/8 in – 1 3/4 in (35mm - 45mm).

  • How to install the BRL28 Low Energy Smart RIM-Lock correctly?

    Please use “hardware installation instructions” and the following these hardware installation demo videos to help you.

    Demo Videos links:

    "BRL280-B model"

    "BRL280-K model"

    "BRL280-T model"

    The conventional RIM Lock does not depend on door's sensor to detect "lock / unlock" states, but BRL28 has built-in Reed Switch (magnetic sensor for door close and open position). When door is in closed position, the default auto-lock timer is 6 seconds.

    You can use In-App’s “Lock Setting – Auto Lock” command to reset to “0 second-Off” or maximum “99 seconds”.

    The Backset, 60 mm, this is distance you have to use. If this distance far greater than 60 mm, the magnetic sensor may not detect door closed position and App will show door is in open state (Green symbol) and it will not do the auto-lock for you.

  • Why the BRL28 makes the beeping sound?

    When door is not in the closed position form more than 6 seconds (Auto-Lock timer setting), it will remind you the door is open for few times. If you turn off Auto-Lock timer from the App, BRL28 will not remind you.

  • How to register a Key fob with BRL28?

    Because the BRL28 family is made by stainless steel and it almost blocks most of Radio Frequency.

    The Key fob registration require very strong 2.4GHz signal strength (Key fob and ADLock next to each other).

    The only way to get the strong signal strength, you have to use the In-App to register the key fob and BRL28 has to be in unlock position with the Deadbolt stick out and key fob right next to the Deadbolt (to use the gap to transmit the signal for registration).

    After registration, the key fob active range is less than 5-10 meters.

    BRL28 & Key fob    

  • EZSmart App FAQs

  • Please read ADLock – Common for general information from the EZSmart App’s FAQs.

    The BRL28 family covers Button-Press / Keypad and Touch Panel modules. EZSmart App will have similar function as BTL16B+ / BKL16 and BKL16T. Please refer to their FAQs for additional information and explanations.

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