EZSmart-BRL28, RIM Electric Lock, is AA (x 4) battery operated electric lock. It is very easy to install and mobile App friendly. BRL28  can provide secure and convenient control of your residential and commercial office / warehouse doors. BRL28 not only let you to unlock your RIM lock by conventional RIM lock method; it also provides free advanced mobile App for secure App Unlock and sharing key and monitoring door activities log functions or simply using the Key Fob (optional item). 

EZSmart App allows you to grant or revoke access to a third party’s smartphone by secure QR Code or email. This virtual ekey cannot be duplicated or transferred to other devices. With GPS function and correctly calibrating the EZSmart App, the App can identify indoor and outdoor areas. This will prevent accidentally unlock from "Near-Field unlock function". 

The BRL28 comes with advanced and easy to install ‘RIM lock replacement kits’ and powerful free ‘Mobile App’. 

In addition, you can assign a temporary authority for your guest to visit your house without giving them the real physical keys or secure 6 digits passcodes from keypad. 



ONLINE Help resources (FAQs / Manuals): icon150WebResources


BRL28-T Hardware Installation Demo Video



EZSmart Demo Video - iOS



EZSmart Demo Video - Android



BRL28 family basic features Demo Video



ADLock Hardware Installation V2.0