BML16, Smart Mortise Lock, is special designed for heavy duty and high frequency usages to meet your security requirement and smart phone control convenience. The BML16 operates by four standard AA batteries and mobile App. You can unlock the door by accessing the App for App Unlock or pressing the indoor control unit’s *Touch Button (* App must be running for authentication) or simply using the Key Fob / standard metal key. EZSmart App allows you to grant or revoke access to a third party’s smartphone by secure QR Code or email. This virtual key cannot be duplicated or transferred to other devices. With GPS function and correctly calibrating the EZSmart App, the App can identify indoor and outdoor areas for using by advanced Near-Field Unlock once function.

Because the BML16 is operated by batteries, it comes with advanced installation instructions and powerful free ‘Mobile App’.

In addition, you can assign a temporary authority for your guest to visit your house without giving them metal keys.

ONLINE Help resources (FAQs / Manuals): icon150WebResources


EZSmart Demo Video - iOS