• Passport Reminder 908

908 900x558


The Passport Reminder not only helps protect the data on your contactless cards and ePassport, but also comes with a proximity alarm
to help prevent the physical loss of your items. The contactless card shield and ePassport shields are accompanied by a slimline receiver
and keychain fob (transmitter). The receiver can be connected to your passports using the strap and clip provided, and will activate an
audaible alarm on the keychain fob when separated by the distance you set - alarming you to the fact that you've just left your passport


Product Features

  - Helps prevent the loss of your valuable travel documents and credit cards.

  - Shields your electronic contactless personal identity and credit card information.

  - Long life battery to 60 days at 8 hours per day.

  - Slimmest 3mm transmitter profile to fit neatly inside passport, wallet or purse.

  - Tri-color (Red, Amber, Green) LED to assist in sensitivity selection.

  - When stores inside your luggage it helps prevent the loss of these itesms too.

  - Three alarm sensitivity modes.

  - Audible 95db alarm.

  - Red LED visible flashing alarm.

  - CR2016 and CR2032 batteries included.

  - Easily clips to a garment or belt with key chain clip included.

  - Safe 2.4GHz Radio frequency technology.

  - Light, easy to use and robust.


Product Specification

Model Name Passport Reminder 908
Function Shield & Alarm
Alarm Distance High(Red LED)    : 5±2m/16±6ft
Medium(Orange LED) : 10±3m/32±10ft
Low(Green LED)   : 20±6m/64±20ft
Devices Base (M08)x1 Tag (S09)x1
Battery Type CR2032x1 CR2016x1
Battery Life Time with Standby 60 days ( with 8 hours/day)
Beep Sound (at 10cm/3.9inch) 95 db No Sound
Dimension (L/W/H) 61.5x36x11.6mm