208P 900x588


Pets are the accompanying and the family, and it’s a responsibility to protected carefully of our pets. When they wondering too far
away or trying to play hide and seek with you, the Mini Pet Tracker shows you an easier way to keep an eye on your lovely pet.
It works through closets, walls, indoors and outdoors no matter where your pet decides to hide. The approximate range of the
Mini Pet Tracker is 984 feet. When you cannot locate them, press the search button and listen for the beep. It’s loud enough to
help you to locate them but did not bother my cats at all. The Tag unit is designed to wear on dog collar, and it is water splash
resistant with a silicon cover. Different from other pet tracker products, the Mini Pet Tracker 208AP offers an alarm function:
when dog or cat is certain distance away from host, the base unit would sound a series beep sound.

Key Features

  • Alerts you if your pet go out of safe range.

  • Find your pet with smart detection of distance and direction

  • Fashionable design with water splash resistant.

  • Built-in advance power saving mode to keep longest battery life time.

  • Low battery alert informs you to change the battery.





208PA spec

Package Contents
 Base unit x 1 set
 Tag unit x 1 set
 Batteries x 2 sets
 Velcro strap x 1 set
 Hook x 1 set
 Silicon Sleeve x 1 set
 User manual x 1 set


Mini Pet Tracker 208PA Introduction