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Imagine being in the mall with your little child only to release he/she isn’t beside you anymore, we can all imagine the immediate panic
that would set in. Kid Tracker is like an invisible leash purely designed for parents and pet owners to keep tracker of their kids and pets.
Using the latest Radio Frequency technology, the Kid Tracker has a Base unit and Tag unit that electronically links together. By doing so,
it creates an electronic leash that alerts you when the leash is being tugged therefore giving you piece of mind by keeping your kid or
pet in range.

Each package comes with a Base unit and a Tag unit. Accessories will be provided for both kid and pet applications. The Base unit will
sound a loud 95db alarm to notify you when the Tag unit is more than 10~50m away (user can select from four preset distances.
Alert distance may vary depending on environment surroundings). If the object being Wi-Leashed cannot be seen, simply press the
tracking button to help you detect the transmitter’s location by way of sound.