708AA 900x567


Bicycles are stolen everywhere and every day no matter they are with or without locks. To protect your bicycle from being stolen,
our Digital RF wireless bicycle alarm system can be your best solution. Once the bike theft happens, the Bike-Alarm will sound
loud beeps to scare the thief away and the Beeper will also immediately activate an emergency alarm to warn you to check the
bicycle and take the necessary actions urgently. Therefore, with Bike Guard 708AA armed on the bicycle, whenever you want to
take a short break in the cycling journey, there is no need for you to worry about parking your bike nearby.

A sensor is built-in to detect the vibration, while someone is trying to move your bike.

Bike will alarm for 10 seconds and repeats alarming until vibration on the bike stops.

  • Anti-Theft alert triggered by slight motion
  • Search function
  • Digital RF 2.4GHz
  • Water splash proof



Installation Video