705AA 900x638


Bicycles are stolen everywhere and every day no matter they are with or without locks. To protect your bicycle from being stolen,
our Digital RF wireless bicycle alarm system can be your best solution. Once the bike theft happens, the bike alarm will sound loud
beeps to scare the thief away and the Beeper will also immediately activate an emergency alarm to warn you to check the bicycle
and take the necessary actions urgently. Therefore, with Bike Guard 705AA armed on the bicycle, whenever you want to take a
short break in the cycling journey, there is no need for you to worry about parking your bike nearby.

Smart Detection
The Master unit can search for Slave within a range of 0~120m (328ft). The closer Master approaches Slave, the more LEDs light
on Master. There is also a low battery alarm for low power detection. (“Terrain and other environmental factors may affect the range.”)
RF Interference Prevention
The Special Data Encryption (SDE) on the RF data transmission allows 65,535 devices (max.) to be used at the same time & area.
Anti-Lost & Anti-Theft
A sensor is built-in to detect the vibration, while someone is trying to move your bike. Tag alarms for 10 seconds and repeats alarming
until vibration on the bike stops


Key Features

  • Bike alarm triggered by slight motion
  • Searching distance:300 meters
  • Battery life in sleeping mode is 60~90 days
  • Water splash proof
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