• Smart & Secure

    Bluetooth smart lock is most convenient and secure for your lock. Your smart phone is your eKey. eKey sharing is available, no more duplicate keys. You are in charge now: Share eKey with time limits or revoke any time.

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  • Bluetooth Smart Lock - BKL16

    No smartphone around is OK, Keypad's passcode is averrable for you. You can use smartphone App to change Keypad passcode any time. BKL16's keypad only allow 5 entries. If they failed, the keypad will be lock out to prevent illegal access.
  • Bluetooth Smart Lock - BTL16B

    Use App's authentication function, you can use "Press-Button" to unlock. No smartphone around is OK, "Secure Bluetooth KeyFob" is averrable for you.
  • Bluetooth Smart RIM Lock - BRL18

    Durable and Secure RIM lock is perfect solution for entrance door. Smart App and eKey sharing function can provide convenient access.
  • Smart & Safe

    View and Talk to visitor from your smart phone anywhere and from indoor LCD monitor. Night Vision and Motion Detection will instantly take a visitor's picture for the record. The App can send notifications to your smartphones

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    繁體中文: 智能可視門鈴 (貓眼)

  • Protect your belongings

    Our product provides the tools you need to protect your belonging from theft or accidentally lost your belong.

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  • Looking After Family

    Kids or things go missing all the time the quickest and easiest way to find them is with RF Locator, it helps protect your family and valuables

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  • Monitor and Tracking the area

    2.4G Technology with Cloud based monitoring system. It is low cost, low power, blind zone free and high throughput tracking system
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